1 BHK Floor Plan

The 1BHK dwelling opens up to a wide living-dining area with an attached balcony. The kitchen has an attached utility space. The bedroom is spacious and the toilet/bath is in the adjacent corner.

2 BHK Floor Plan

The 2 BHK apartment starts with a foyer space which takes us to open living- dining room attached with a wide balcony/sit-out. The kitchen is attached to a utility space. The master bedroom has an adhering toilet/bath area. The second bedroom is next to dining space with near access to common bathroom. The 2 plus study dwellings have an extra study room.

3 BHK Floor Plan

The 3 BHK abode opens with a lobby leading to large living space coupled with balcony area. The kitchen is opposite to dining and is tagged with utility area. The master bedroom has an attached bathroom and has a balcony/sit-out area. The second bedroom has an attached bathroom. The third bedroom has near access to common bathroom. The maid’s room has an attached wash room next to utility area.